Mt. Pleasant, Utah, about 1915

The History of the Thayne / Chalk / Allred / Nielson Families

My name is Doug Thayne. Some of you know me, some of you have never met me. This web site has been a distant goal. It's main purpose is to share our family history. My hope is that we each gain some knowledge through our efforts. For this to work, I am challenging you to drag out your shoeboxes stuffed with memorabilia, and compare notes. The information within these pages is not to be considered 100 percent accurate. When I began collecting information about 55 years ago I did not take the care to also collect the sources of the data. The last few decades I have been more accurate . I christened in December of 2013. At first you will only find a little genealogy, some biographies, and some photographs. It will grow, as I have a lot to share. I am asking for your patience, and some help (not money). I am inviting anyone interested to send your email or U.S. mail to me so I can provide you with the access you may need and at no cost.

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